Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New Year w/ Makenna Joy.

Happy New Year! I am going to share photos this evening... and the bulk of them are of Miss Makenna.
Oh! She is so sweet! I got my hands on her today! Oh, the joys of life!

Earlier in the week I received this postcard autographed from/by Cloverton. It made me happy! Their new single ''The End Is The Beginning'' is coming out soon!
{{I received the postcard though a Facebook contest.}}

Speaking of the New Year:

A video from one of my many favorite ladies, Jenna {Lucado} Bishop. Great reminder of our new year... every day. {{Just change when she says 2011 to 2012 ;) }}

Drum roll, please.

Happy New Year from Makenna Joy! {{Picture taken by her daddy in the hospital.}}

                                                 Mama and sweet baby Makenna. :)

Oh! The moment I had been waiting for. I was very thankful for my sweet time with Little Miss Makenna.

                             Big brother :) {{Her look-alike for sure}}We love these little guys.

Blury, but Tori was lovin' on little sister. :) <3

All cuddled up :) She is so tiny... and so precious.

See ya soon. I hope you enjoyed seeing these precious pictures!
Don't forget that every morning is a mercy morning! :)

In Him,
Emilee Kaye

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