Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Break My Heart, Abba.

This morning I was on the internet and I was also listening to music on YouTube... I used to listen to Jonny Diaz very often, but hadn't heard very much off his new album so I decided to search for some of his latest record... Convicting, isn't it? {I am so thankful I rediscovered this this morning.}  I will give more insight after you watch this video from Jonny Diaz himself:

I love this. True grace sees a face not a burden. Let's be honest, on a bad day are we more likely to pray least or most? For alot of us we pray the least... and it truly is during these times of hardship that the Lord enriches your intimacy with Him-- to keep you going when you don't feel like it. Or you feel lonely, but you trust in His promises and pour out your heart like water before Him instead of having a pity-party... We aren't a burden to the Lord, but a delight. Accept it, treasure-- It belongs even to YOU!

{For a little about ''a face not a burden'' go to Our Journey All The Way To Uganda and read, ''His Eyes.''

I believe that as Christians {specifically speaking} we hold on to that ''wholesome'' personality. Because we are whole, free, and the Lord sees us as blameless + beautiful we feel like we have to put up that front. We don't. What if we all thought about the question ''How are you?''

So, this morning I asked the Lord to break my heart... and He began to. This verse rings out in my mind:
''Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.''  ~Romans 12:15

I have made the realization that yes, our heart can be broken for poverty..... {mine is. Personally.} Also, what about the people right here? I am thankful that He has changed me on this subject-- My heart is broken for the hopelessness across the world, but I also can be used both places. There are so many broken and there. Weep with those who weep and build them up. Ask the Lord for opportunities... They might not come tomorrow, but they will come.

Also, while listening to music on YouTube later today {after He had begun breaking mine in an intentional way.} I read this verse and knew I needed to blog tonight.

''...You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.'' ~Psalm 51:17


''As they cannot make atonement  for sin, so God cannot take any satisfaction in them, except that the offering of them shows love and duty toward Him. David also knew how acceptable true repentance is to God: The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit. {v17} It is a painful work that is done there, nothing less than breaking the heart, not in despair but in necessary humiliation and sorrow for sin. It is a sensitive heart that responds to the word of God, a heart subdued and brought into obedience. It is a tender heart, like Josiah's (2Ki 22:19), that trembles at God's word. The breaking of Christ's body for sin is the only sacrifice of atonement, for no sacrifice except that could take away sin, but the breaking of our hearts for sin is a sacrifice of acknowledgment.'' From The New Matthew Henry Commentary.

So, let's ask Abba together...

Break our hearts! We know that we can better serve you when we have that attitude, God.
We want to be authentic as to invite others to be, too. God, make opportunities arise that we may lift another up and do it for Your glory... and Yours alone. God build in us a sensitive heart that responds to Your word. May You build in us what is pleasing to You {Hebrews 13:21}... God, we earnestly seek You and Your fellowship. Thank-you for creating fellowship... You truly care about our simplest need and desire. Make us sincere. As You Wish... Let it be so,
Your Peculiar Treasures

His light will last when all else fades. I pray this challenged you...
In Abba,

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