Friday, June 27, 2014

ecuador: inching closer & closer

   Hypothetically, if Ecuador were a ship & the Covie youth group was on shore, the boat would not simply be on the horizon. It would be inching near the shore, faster by the minute. By this time our adrenaline is pumping. The people start to wave & shout their Spanish greetings as they come into hearing distance. We walk up to the edge, dipping our toes into the froth of the ocean. We reply as loud as we can. The sound echoes.

   God's love echoes.

   The barriers remain, but His love echoes through us. 

   We get to experience this on a daily basis, but I'm looking forward to see how He is going to use my peers & I as we go about this country. 

   A lot of details are still unknown, but we're trusting God in them - whether it be about what we pack or what we're going to say to someone that is searching for truth. 

   You can pray for safety. I love to read, watch movies, & write on airplanes, but overall I hate flying. It's a painful, terrifying experience that can only be cured by lots of flying. Which I will be doing this summer. 

   Pray that God would prepare the hearts of our leaders, the hearts of my peers, & the hearts of the people will will be ministering to and/or alongside.

   We'll be ministering alongside a host church - we'll have opportunities to help lead Bible studies, play sports, & most importantly to just build relationships. 
   We have 17 teenages, 5 chaperones, & 1 baby! It will be a memorable week to say the least. A week that we're praying God will do more than we can ask or imagine! Please join us in prayer as we pack & The Lord goes before us in Ecuador. 

A week from tomorrow we'll be flying into this bright city. 

Oh, the precious & fun, glory-to-God-filled stories we'll have to tell when we return to our home sweet home... 

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