Saturday, May 31, 2014

whoop whoop! it's the weekend. (kick-off)

Frankly, weekends aren't exactly as different than any other day in the life of Emilee Clemons now that school is out - & I haven't had to do an algebra problem for over two weeks! However, it's definately a reason to party (even though I've never really needed an actual reason). In celebration of the deeper sigh that Friday evening brings, & that lazy Saturday mornings entrust, I'm hoping to start a party every weekend that I'm able to write to you, right here at Peculiar Treasures. After today's kick-off you'll see how it goes. Of course, if you follow me on Pinterest it will just be an extensive (slightly more interesting) viewing.

For starters, let's just think about how fun this looks. 

Also, humor me for a moment & let's pretend my hair looks that beautiful all the time. 

Which, ironically, brings us to our first quote:

As you can see, it's a work in progress, this not comparing. 

10 random facts about a day in the life of Emilee lately:

1. I'm recovering from surgery that I just had on May 21st (which may be the reason why I love Pinterest 10x more than usual). I'm not allowed to do too much, & if you see me out & about - just know I'm exhausted, but sucking it up is a small price to pay when stir crazy is thereby now satisfied. Nothing too scary - I've been here, done this, but I am looking forward to being able to enjoy my summer to the fullest extent as soon as possible - when I can finally go for a walk on my favorite street, all the summer sterotypes, and...

2. Drive! About two or three weeks ago, I got my learner's permit. Turns out, I'm a better driver in town... then, well, ahem, when I've had some other unmentionable practice. Grin. 

3. Speaking of growing up, a few days ago I received the hard copy of my permit and my first personal debit card all in the same day. It's been a trying time around here, y'all.

4. I channeled my inner librarian yesterday 

and added these books to our church library: 

I'm giddy over these stacks. I was just gonna go take them out of their boxes and smell a few, but once I hugged a few of my favorites, I just had to put them where they belonged. 

5. Lunchtime today with dessert first (coffee chocolate chip ice cream) & the Wildwood Chronicles by my side thanks to a dear, fellow-lover-of-words friend. 

Plus, considering the blessed few weeks of my life where I could eat whatever I wanted & it went to healing instead of my hips, I needed to get that ice cream out of the freezer until further notice. 

6. I'll be back to that My Fitness Pal sooner than I'd like to admit. I'm counting calories... anywho. Let's stop talking about calories & keep this list moving. 

7. I GOT AN IPAD! How did I get an iPad, you wonder? *A certain very good friend* of mine purchased a new one & knew that I would appreciate theirs. As you could expect, I was very grateful & have been having lots of fun with it. I found an app called 'Paper' & I've been doodling on that in a lot of my free time. I'm sure this isn't the last masterpiece you'll see. Shout-out to Varsity Donuts for being awesome!

8. My parents celebrated their 20th anniversary this week. Look at those cuties. All of 'em. #heartbreakers #gottaloveem

9. Due to my sickly self, washing my hair & getting dressed is a huge production & accomplishment each morning. On this particular day of catching up on some reality shows we watch, I felt pretty & so I had to take a selfie. Because that's what selfies are for, right?  

10. Last, but not least, I finish this list of randoms with a dream that inspired the "whoop! whoop! it's the weekend" series kick-off. 

A mint green bike with a basket. 

It's my dream to have one of these beauties and a summer when I am physically able. Ah, perfection. 

Maybe next summer, Emilee muttered as she comforted herself. 

Next up, some 'giggles & grins' for your viewing pleasure. 

Adam Levine in 8th grade and now (before the blonde hair). You are most certainly welcome. 


Olan Rogers back in his crouton years and present day. I repeat, you are most certainly welcome. If you happen to not know who this young fellow is, Google him. You'll laugh for days. I know I did. 

Some love advice from my girl, Holly. Or Audrey. Or 'whoever she is'. Go watch Breakfast At Tiffany's if you didn't get that reference. 

A baby giraffe. Makes your heart pop. 

Well, hey there, curious cutie. I like you. 

Amen, anyone? #jkz

This card is the real deal. "For reals, yo. Ever."

Siri & I had a day apart yesterday. Here we are reconnecting. 

Absolutely & positively, this is one of the funniest pins ever. I giggle every time I come across it. 
If you don't get it, I pity you in the highest regard. My sincerest apologies. 

Recently I made a list of bridesmaids I would have if I were to get married tomorrow. Let's just say... this e-card made me laugh, literally, for hours on end. My list was significantly small. 

Which leads me to my next point. That will only make sense to those fellow Grey's friends out there. 

I need a person. 

In other news, Brandon Heath got married this last Sunday. Happiness (once I accepted that he was off the market).

To her many readers excitement, my favorite fictional series is coming out with a new book in June & giddy is the one emotion I could mention. 

I leave you with these parting thoughts. 

Take it day by day. 

Already, I've had to challenge myself with this numerous times. There is a freeing that takes place when you hide a memory in your heart instead of plastering it for all the world to see (although I'm a huge fan of most of your lives so don't stop tweeting altogether. Please.)

Life is good, & we're meant to live it abundantly, but if we don't count it all as loss in the light of Christ, we miss our greatest need & our greatest joy. 

Lastly, I'm falling in love with this little boy. If his Uncle Prince Harry doesn't get his act together, handsome Prince George might win me over entirely. 

I hope you giggled. 

I hope you somewhat will continue viewing this as a party. I know I had fun. 

Happy weekend, 
Princess Emilee 

P.S. My summer goal is to learn how to relax. I'll have to let you know how that goes. 

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