Monday, August 26, 2013

if i had been tweeting.

    Peculiar Treasures! It's been a long time it seems. While I was at camp from July 15th to August 10th I wasn't on Twitter. However, I couldn't let all that time go by without 'tweeting'. So, I kept track of what I would have tweeted if I would have had consistent internet access. Also, through the inspiration of Ann Voskamp's life-changing book One Thousand Gifts, I kept track of my gifts in my camp notebook as well. Before I have the chance to sit down & share the in depth learning experiences at camp, enjoy these tidbits of my month away!

  • Ya know what drives me insane? Laying in my bunk & my pen runs out of ink. I grab a pencil, but don't wanna get up for a pen. #firstnightprobs #firstworldprobs
  • After doing laundry in the silo, I went all African on that laundry basket... until other people could see me.
  • No, my Disney princess pillow doesn't match a thing on my bunk. Yes, I'm proud of it.
  • While taking an ice cold shower this morning, I had HSM 2's "Work This Out' stuck in my head. So much irony. #icouldonlyhumit #imissmyshowerplaylists
  • What happens on a really sad night? Mice scurry around my room. That's what. #plainsadadtired #homesicknessstinks
  • In the midst of my silly complaints, I'm trying to remember the peace. #homesoon
  • Dude. I miss my sarcastic atmosphere. This land is dry. Pour down on us, O Lord! ;)
  • Solid advice from the pastor in a nearby church tonight. If you're gonna snuggle with someone for the rest of your life, make sure you love how they smell.
  • Oh. It's 11:15. I'm out under the stars watching staff drift to their cabins. I should probably go to bed. #ishould #notyet
  • What is sleep? Pssh, it's not important.
  • Okay. I'm starting to dream about cleaning & I smell like dishes. #uhhhhh
  • Started out camp so beautifully. Praising Jesus!
  • Only at camp does someone find out about our donated fryer & shout, "AMEN!"
  • Y'all. I'm not being ugly, but just because it's what you're most familiar with doesn't mean it's valid. #Greektranslationprobs
  • Rolling all the 'My Tide' commercials through my head as I am doing my laundry. My Tide: It has Febreze. At stinky camp. Amen & Amen.
  • Got my first card at camp today that said, "I was thinking of you. Now you're thinking of me. Ahhh... the power of cards." #ilovemyGrandma
  • Sat with the guys tonight & laughed more than I had in awhile it seems. Our conversation: boxing, injuries, & animals. #lovingcamplife
  • Sent this text to my Mom tonight: Headed home for the night. Call if you want to hear my beautiful voice.
  • Is it sad that the worst thing I'm missing at the fair back home is frozen lemonade? #girlsgotpriorities
  • What do I send to my best friend in one of the last lines in her letter? Why this, of course: Can't wait to see you & bother you & awkwardly cuddle with you on the couch
    & make you uncomfortable. #bestfriendswaggg #acaawkward
  • Once I got back to my cabin last night, I didn't write any more gifts. Why? My mice friends were back. #ewwie #itwashardtofocus
  • Sometimes, you just need a hug. #sadface
  • It's so fun to be on staff with friends I used to be campers with.
  • New conclusion... or at least hit fresh on my mind. I can miss Kansas & serve Him wholeheartedly here, too. #leaningonHim
  • These guys on staff are far from perfect. However, they are offering to let me eat before them & opening doors for me. They make my days go by so much easier. #Godisproviding
  • I had a nap today. Although I was still exhausted, it was heavenly.
  • Reminded of this advice while re-reading some of my camp mail: "Remember God puts us where He wants us to look to Him." I'm discouraged, but I get to lean on Jesus. #itsallworthit #buildingcharacter
  • Ya know what makes me happy? Hurling insults (all in good fun) with the staff during clean-up. #itsbecauseweloveeachother
  • "It's surrender." #EricLiddell
  • My best pal put his number in my phone under the name "The Coolest Kid At Camp." I asked him how he already knew my number. #IMthecoolestkid
  • ...and the receiving mail this camp season goes to... THIS KID!! #soblessed #thankful
  • The question on our cheese machine in the kitchen, "What Is Life Without Cheese?" #youtellme
  • Unfortunately, everyone got a taste of my sad day today. Buddy on staff comes up & says, "So, why haven't you been teasing me today?" #workingonthattomorrow
  • Exhausted during the day, want to talk at night. #beautifulwearycamplife
  • Kitchen staff picture of a heavenly day? Picnic with paper plates! #hecktotheyes #goWednesday
  • Being behind the camera lense. >>>
  • A highlight of today's (thus far) activities? Staff against camper tug-o-war.
  • He knows exactly what we need. Thankful to see how He is providing.
  • Yesterday a junior camper saw me going into a nearby building with a laundry basket & he ran to open the door for me. #daymaker #gentlemanintraining
  • How to let the campers know you're weak & need a Savior? Leave bugs on the counter in your cabin. ;)
  • Last night to sleep in this cabin alone. (Somewhat) Bittersweet.
  • Going to get almost 8 hours of sleep. Praise the Lord!
  • Excited for a week to listen & record. #fulltimecamper #workcomplete
  • So weird being able to sit... & I've only been a camper for an hour. #bestillandknowweek
  • What is it with guys & their blue striped shirts this year? #forgoodnesssake #imissmyotherbluestripedshirtedguy
  • I have a nickname as of Saturday evening under the stars. Mark Twain. #thegirlversion #thanksPaul
  • Athleticism. Just, no.
  • "Yeah. Don't sign me for cardio." #PitchPerfect
  • I stink at the games at camp. No looking far for embarrassing moments this week! #ohjoy #almostoverEmilee
  • Two naps in one day. YAY!...but how can I still be exhausted? #camplife
  • Seriously. How can a week be so restful & so exhausting?
  • Last full day at camp. Excited to apply everything I've learned to the homeland.
  • Gonna start clicking my shoes... #theresnoplacelikehome

    I counted 243 gifts while away... here are 'some' highlights. :)

    2. getting my dream bunk
    8. setting early alarms
    16. smiley face umbrellas
    17. text messages awaiting
    18. learning from mistakes
    19. working so hard you don't know what time it is.
    25. distant thunder
    27. small churches
    29. Dr. Pepper; a rare camp gift
    30. a road sign seeming to be just for me
    32. rainbow promises
    37. hearing my sisters voice
    41. thanking God under the stars
    42. sweet guys saying goodnight
    45. hanging up aprons
    48. dreaming about my future family with a soon-to-be mother of 9.
    57. teaching fishtails
    58. 7 year old girl's view on boys
    64. praying with staff
    77. the pictures on my wall
    85. dance party while the roommate is away
    86. having the whole building to myself
    93. happy tears over a text
    94. wedding tiaras
    98. that place between asleep & awake
    108. gifts recounted
    114. jobs that help with unceasing prayer
    119. KSTATE shirts
    121. cooler weather
    122. near the pond PONDering
    126. that road sign
    134. people that REALLY listen
    136. trying on rhubarb lip shine
    138. being asked where I live
    146. when everyone at the dinner table gets tickled
    149. Greek words in Sunday school
    150. rain on my rooftop
    151. dinner with my new family
    156. pictures that remind me of Kampala
    163. being called Miss Emilee
    166. silliness with Leah
    172. a good cry
    184. Dutchman's labels
    187. teaching fam carpet ball
    192. hoodies in July
    196. Tasty Pastry; nut roll for breakfast
    197. "HALF-WAY THROUGH!"
    200. "You're getting so beautiful!"
    205. "Well, you're there so it's exciting!"
    206. being introduced as someone's mommy & daddy's flower girl.
    210. telling a Pastor how God used him in my life five years ago.
    214. singing sessions while doing dishes with my best pal.
    217. giggling until my sides hurt
    218. "See ya best pal!" :(
    220. staff weekends
    228. package of things I love
    234. "PLOT TWIST!"

    As you can see, there were many ups & downs... like any life circumstance.
    All month long the Lord continued to provide in every situation & there were so many more reasons to be thankful. Whether it was a night to stargaze on weekends or talking to a little girl about Africa, He knew what I needed. A lot of decisions were made, they were well fed, & He taught me so much through all of the good & bad.

    Praise Jesus for what He did this summer & what He is going to continue to do with the seeds planted. We love You & we're anticipating what You have for us this fall.

    So glad to be home,


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