Wednesday, April 17, 2013

resistance & the heart of God.



       In the past two days, Makenna listens to my singing over her for only several moments before letting out more cries. She loves being with me, but she wants down all too quickly in my eyes. Am I crazy or do you see the heart of God in this {these} example{s}? The Lord cleanses us; makes us new, but we yell and scream about it. All the while, He is singing our songs over us, even our siblings in Christ are hearing the melody, telling us to just trust Him & reminding us that He is near. We love being with Him. Unlike our spiritually high days though, we leave all to quickly. While we still love Him & we still communicate--His arms, for some reason, don't seem as wonderful & satisfying as they used to be. Then, come evening, it is His biggest delight that we would want to crawl into His lap and cuddle & get warm. I certainly have not responded in all the ways I should have, but He is molding me & it's a beautiful thing to see. Lord, in the ways I lack & in what I'm recognizing {pride, bitterness, little unceasing prayer}, make me new. You are so holy. We know not what we do. I love You--may I be pleasing in Your eyes & may I give You a big delight--by crawling into Your lap. Your will be done, Jesus. You are so good. Prepare us for the Sabbath and train us as we live in hope of the Eternal Sabbath. Thank-You... it's good to be alive.

Yours Forever,

My journal entry from Saturday, January 19, 2013.

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